Penalty times computation

Penalty reference curve

As in reality, the maneuvers and sail changes times are variable in Virtual Regatta, depending on the force of the wind and the boat used.

On this page , we find the different maneuvering times for each boat as well as the following curve :

On global way, the maneuver time $T_m$ is equal to :

Penalties tutorial


How much penalty time will be applied if you change sails ?

How much distance will you lose in a maneuver ?

You want to know if this maneuver will be profitable ?

One unwanted maneuver, how much you've lost ?

Sometimes you have to change sail for an hour or you have to change sail 2 miles from the finish ? Is it useful ? offers you this tool allowing you to answer these questions in just a few clicks !!!

Tutorial polaires

Page overview

The polars of the boats make it possible to know the boat speed according to many parameters :

  • Boat options ( Foils / polish).
  • Available sails.
  • Wind speed ( TWS ).
  • Wind angle ( TWA ).

As a result, they can be complex to understand and it can be time consuming to integrate all their subtleties..

The polars can sometimes have "holes", these conditions where the boat loses speed, where it does not gain speed are not always easy to detect on the "classic" representation of the polars. offers you this spreadsheet to allow you to more easily analyze the polars of the boats.

Automatic Sails


Thanks to the game's automatic sail management, we don't have to worry about changing sails by hand.

The criteria for change are multiple :

  • Boat options ( Foils / polish).
  • Available sails.
  • Wind speed ( TWS ) and its variations.
  • Wind angle ( TWA ) and its variations.

A coefficient called "overspeed" is applied to the speed of the sail to avoid untimely sail changes.

In fact, in "automatic sail" mode, in order for the game engine to change sails, the speed obtained with the new sail must be 1.4% higher than the speed of the current sail.

There are therefore areas of overlapping sails. offers you this spreadsheet to allow you to analyze more easily the sail changes