Thanks to a handful of passionate players, the idea of ​​the dashboard has been developed and is available in the playstore here.

    Naturally, the original contributors are warmly thanked !
  • Big Bird (Cvetan Ivanov), Hardtack fka Raumzeit aka mak08 (Michael Kappert).
  • Xeelee (Patrick Guelat), Patg, GeGaX (Romain Le Lamer),toxcct (Nicolas Guittet), mcmgj (Guy Juy).
  • Amoutiers , Xpillons, Valgit.
  • Helios (Michel), David05320 (David), SailSmurf (Franck), Kurun56 (JY).
  • All unknown contributors !
  • Your humble servant !
  • All my close gamer friends who had to support all the intermediate versions.
  • My team and my family for their patience !
  • And a certain StAnDo (Dom) without whom none of this would exist !

Based on their excellent work, I.T.Y.C. now offers you a more advanced version.

You will find it available in the playstore here or you can download and install it manually.

By installing the extension from the playstore, you get the udpate automatically.


Game page integration

All information needed for quick decision-making at a glance !

Thanks to the integration on the game page, you have access at a glance to all the information for precise monitoring of your boat.

TWS, TWA, Heading, Voile, Best VMG , Best Speed, Precise position , Stamina, penalties...

Map borders

Skim the odds like the pros while minimizing the risk of grounding.

With the display of the coastlines on the desired area of ​​the map and the visualization of your waypoints, you will be able to optimize your trajectories while minimizing the risks.

Import routing

Easily compare routes from different routers.

Import your routes created with Zezo, Avalon, VRZEN, QtVlm, Weather4VR... in a few clicks.

supported format : csv (format AValon, VRZEN) ,GPX.

Extended Fleet tab

All fleet information displayed at a glance.

Find the information of the different boats of the fleet laid out for easy reading.

Teams and player options centralized on our servers for availability from the start, display of customizable columns...


Visualize variations of essential parameters easily.

TWS, TWD, TWA, HDG, Boat speed, Stamina in the form of graphs for faster analysis.

Color of the curves according to the sail, data exportable in csv format for outdoor use.

Integration of ITYC info

Integrated ITYC information to save time.

Find the angles of Best VMG, or Best Speed, as well as the speeds of your boat directly calculated with your current navigation parameters without intervention, without forgetting the overlap coefficient!

For each type of penalty, the penalty time, the distance lost, the energy lost and the recovery time required. and of course a link directly opening the pre-filled automatic sails page.


Consult the installation manual here, as well as help here

Extension source code is available here.